Kirke Vincent

Author of the Glen's Hollow series

Magic and romance can spark a whole new world. Exploring queer, polyamorous, and unique characters, Kirke Vincent offers fantasy novels that will tickle your imagination and heat up your heart.

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© Kirke Vincent 2020. All rights reserved.

A normal girl, a big city world...

Autumn Keene tossed tradition to the wind when she went to grad school to become a sculptor rather than a lawyer. Though shunned by her parents, she enjoyed living with her eccentric aunt and dating the quintessential boy in a band.

Everything was going according to plan until she lost the spark that helped her create art. While struggling with her thesis, Autumn's life was further upended by learning that her grandmother had passed and left her cottage to her. After investigating her new home, the tiny town of Glen's Hollow, she could tell all was not as it seemed, but she’d been instructed not to question the mystery.

Unlock the secret, find yourself...

Can she finish her degree, embrace new love, and trust the Wheel of Fortune her aunt predicted would help her change everything?

(Wheel of Fortune is an MMF polyam bisexual romance)

The black cat is bad luck... if you're human

Deryn is an albino cait sidhe who has spent her whole life as the omen that showed the fae court that the magic of the world was dangerously unbalanced. After two years spent in Glen's Hollow covertly investigating other anomalies, she finds a true mystery—Anne, a fae changeling that survived to adulthood whose existence should be impossible.

Unfortunately, Anne has been kidnapped by none other than the fae Queen's consort, Deryn's father. She and Anne's pixie girlfriend Vinnie must travel across the Atlantic and underhill in an attempt to rescue her and find their own way to right the magical balance.

The story of Glen's Hollow continues...

Will Deryn learn to love herself and trust her new friends, or will The Tower come crumbling down?

(The Tower is an FFF polyam romance with a trans MC)

© Kirke Vincent 2020. All rights reserved.